Meet The CEO~Paula Dukes

Paula Dukes AKA The Ringmaster

When you look up the word “Entrepreneur” in the dictionary you may see this face. From her beginning as a Hair Designer, she has always been self- employed. When her kids came along she opened an in home daycare and then an Import Auto Repair shop. Like her current situation, she tends to have her hands in more than one business. Paula currently spends her time balancing her team of Avon Representatives, The Salt Mind Experience (TSME) and her family.

With her business management experience at hand, research began  on Halo-Therapy, massage, client/staff needs etc to develop TSME. Working with the Small Business Administration, Kosbe, and taking the Co-Starters course was a huge part of the process.

“Work/Life balance is the most important factor in my life and has been the guiding focus through my life.” “That is why The Salt Mind Experience will be so unique.” , said Paula during our interview. “At TSME we encourage our staff to take time for self care and continuing education. That is why TSME offers their staff the opportunity to manage their availability, as well as, offer yoga, meditation, massage and more privately just for the staff. We want to be the best for our clients, and families.”

For the client TSME offers an experience that will make a difference in their day. For those who are short on time or maybe not too sure about getting a massage there is chair/foot/hand massage.  Salt foot massages are a great way to detox, relax and take the load off your tired feet. They are amazing between pedicures. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, smoking cessation support, and of course “massage” are things you can come to experience at TSME.

Many people feel like a spa is a rare treat, we want our clients to have regular selfcare so they too can have the best  work/life/family. At TSME we make it easier to carve out a time out, so you can be the best you can be!