Pricing and Packages

Massage Pricing
$2 per minute/less than 30 minutes
$45 for 30 minutes
$75 for 60 minutes
$115 for 90 minutes
Package Savings
3 hours for $199= $66 hour
5 hours for $325= $65 hour
10 hours for $600=$60 hour
20 hours for $1125=$56.25 hour
All packages never expire, and can be shared!!!

Halotherapy Salt Foot Scrub $20 add on

Halo/Salt Therapy Prices
Limited time offer: 30 days UNLIMITED HALOTHERAPY Just $30!!!
Enjoy unlimited sessions for 30 days from purchase.
(by availability, appointments recommended but not required, Wine down Wednesday, or privately booked events. Offer valid through 8/31/18)

Self care is the beginning of health care

What services do we offer?

The most frequently asked question we have had so far is…
What services do you offer?
We are a massage therapy practice that offers halotherapy services. With that said you may still be scratching your head, wondering “what does that mean”.
Our 7 therapist have a wide array of trainings in many modalities of massage. Many are trained in other fields as well. With experience levels varying from, freshly graduated to 26 years of experience, you can imagine the knowledge level of our staff. When booking a massage for the first time, we recommend you contact us so we can guide you to the perfect therapist for your need. Book several appointments with our packages and try all our therapist out before you pick your favorite.
We offer massage in 30, 60 and 90 minute appointments as well as addons by the minute to your Salt Mind Experience. Short on time or just open to a new experience? Try a 2 therapist massage. Four hands is amazing and you can get a full body massage (hour) in just 30 minutes. With two therapist you can also try our two therapist stretch! If you haven’t experienced this, you must, it’s amazing!! You can also add on Salt Foot Scrubs and soon paraffin hand treatments to any service.
In our Salt Mine we offer halotherapy sessions of up to 45 minutes. Your experience starts at $20 with a brief stop in our reception room to check in and start your unplugging process. Get a drink of water, visit the restroom, take your shoes off and enjoy our foot lamps, and just take a deep breath as you prepare for 45 minutes of total relaxation. Forget the problems of the day, the stresses of the world, close your eyes and meditate, read, write, sleep, whatever helps you unplug, relax and restore.
The Salt Mine is a venue. We have and will be adding classes and events daily. We will work with you to bring any type of event or class you would like to see hosted public or private. So, tell us, What would you like to see?
Some things happening are salty yoga, Meditation, Wine Down Wednesday, Girls Night Out, Afternoon Siesta (nap time, power nap) and Morning Gratitude sessions. We are working on programs for children, PTSD, Autism, smoking cessation, programs for businesses for client/staff appreciation, the lunch rush (Food trucks outside everyday from 11-1, grab lunch and eat it while you relax in the salt!) and much much more. If you’d like to see it happen, teach/lead it, let us know and we’ll work on it!!
We don’t have salt on our floors like many others do. We did that in this room for a good reason. We want this room to be very multifunctional, offering yoga, massage, meditation or your own personal event in this room. Many of our clients have limited mobility, hence why they come to us. Because we didn’t put salt on the floor we can do things the others can’t, like Wine Down Wednesday, having your glass of water with you, lunch as well as offer accessibility to ALL. (Our whole facility and parking lot is ADA accessible)
Before we even had our grand opening and on grand opening day we ran into a problem. We were already out of space!!! So plans for expansion are already under way!!! We will be adding more massage therapy rooms as well as a PRIVATE SALT ROOM called “The Coastal Experience” which will have a salt floor!!! So if you are saddened that you don’t get to feel the salt between your toes, hold on it’s coming!
Call or text 423-500-8910 or go online to 
to schedule your own personal experience today!!!

Meet Eilese…

Eilese Cross~Licensed Massage Therapist

Born in the US Virgin Islands, Eilese grew up all over the Caribbean. At the age of 18 she moved to Chattanooga fell in love with TN and has been here ever since.

3 months ago, she finally took the leap to leave behind the place she’d lived for the past 8 years and set out on a new adventure. Call it fate or divine design; she found herself in Johnson City and is richly enjoying the experience.

Massage, quite like Johnson City, was something that she stumbled upon; a rare gem amongst gems, so to speak. She’d finished school and decided that it was now or never—and so massage, for her, was born. The perfect mix of complementary medicine, healing, and an excellent chance to develop her gift of empathy. From the get-go becoming a massage therapist, for her, has always been about wellness and the facilitation of healing for those she touches.

Eilese says, “My goal is to remind your body that it’s more than just the sum of its parts.” “I view massage as the perfect way for client and therapist to partner together in the grand and wonderful journey towards a healthier and happier future.”

The beauty of massage for Eilese is, that everything from head to toe is interconnected-a tapestry of our life experiences, activities and emotions.

Through breath and with time, her work reminds individuals that the body is one system–each part seamlessly flowing into the next.  Long steady strokes and static holds prompt muscles to work as one unit. And as the body releases and begins to flow once more, the phrase she loves to hear is: “I didn’t even realize all of that was connected!”

It is.

Because our bodies are more than just the sum of their parts….

For more information or to book an appointment call or text 423-500-8910


Meet Jacqui~Licensed Massage Therapist

Jacqui Bowers~Licensed Massage Therapist

Born and raised in Elizabethton TN, a graduate of Elizabethton High School, ETSU and Reflections School of Massage Jacqui Bowers brings her own unique strengths to TSME.

For the last 8 years Jacqui has been helping people have a better quality of life through her massage therapy practice. Her background in dentistry gives her  insight and skills to help people with TMJ and facial muscle tension. She has a gentle, relaxing touch but can put on the pressure when needed.

5 years of working in a physical therapy office using structural bodywork, triggerpoint and other modalities, helped people recovery from injuries that debilitate, taking away from enjoyment of life.  Jacqui told us, “Helping people becoming stronger, regaining mobility and live life again make me happy and is why I became a LMT.”

If you are suffering and life is not as full as it should be let us help you recover the quality of life you deserve and expect. Call or text us at 423-500-8910



Simon Newton

Originally from Essex England, Simon now lives and has his practice in Asheville, NC. Our introduction to Simon came through a good friend, our visions met when we shared our ideas for The Salt Mind Experience.

Simon is a man of many talents, of course we put that English accent to work right away. You will hear him as the voice of TSME when you call and get our voicemail, as you enter the building and through meditations.

All LMT’s learn many modalities of massage, Simon’s favorite is Cranial Sacral Therapy, a gentle, noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum.

Simon is quoted as saying, “I assist clients in undoing the knots and stresses that accumulate as a result of daily life. When these obstacles to happy, healthy living are removed, a growing sense of inner peace and harmony becomes reflected in the world around us through our thoughts, speech, actions and choices. In this way I assist clients to not only take responsibility for their own lives but to be able to add to the lives of those around them. We can all do a little something each day to make the world a better place.”

Simon offers a 90 minute session  combined of massage, Craniosacral Therapy, meditation and breathwork to help you undo. He will also lead 45 minute meditation in our Salt Room.

For more information call or text 423-500-8910.




Meet Mitzi~Experience Guide

Mitzi Campbell~Client Experience Guide & Spa Manager

Mitzi or Mick as her friends know her will be one of the first faces you’ll see at The Salt Mind Experience. Her experience in the beauty/fitness industries coupled with her customer service skills  and her joyful attitude make her the perfect person for this job.

So what is an experience guide you ask? She/he (we’ll have a few) will listen to your needs and customize your experience from booking to finish. They are the smiling face or voice you will see or hear. Their job is to guide you away from the worries of the day, helping you unplug, relax and restore.

Mitzi’s job goes a little further than just an experience guide. She also runs the show at the spa. She’s the one that makes sure the staff & clients have everything in place that they need for the day. According to Paula Dukes, “She’s just an amazing blessing to have joining us in this venture. I know we couldn’t do this without her.”  “She will take on anything you ask of her, even when it stretches her comfort zone. I know I have personally have stretched that out micro thin lately.”

Are you ready to plan your experience? It’s easy, text or call 423-500-8910 today!



Meet Serena


Meet Serena…
Meaning clear, tranquil, serene. Serena is a feminine given name. It is derived from the Latin word serēnus.
This name was borne by an obscure early saint, Saint Serēna of Rome.

Pronunciation:sə-REEN-ə (English), alternatively Se-REH-na